The new version 3 of the IFS Logistics standard was released on 6.12.2023.

IFS Logistics version 3 audits are possible starting 1 June 2024 and become mandatory on 1 December 2024.

In general, the applicability of version 2.3 ends on 30 November 2024. However, version 2.3 can apply after 1 December 2024 in some exceptional situations (multi-location, follow-up and extension audits).

For unannounced audits version 3 applies when the audit window starts on or after 1 October 2024.

IFS Logistics version 3 has fewer requirements and an optimized protocol and structure. Further updates concern the scoring system, extensions and clarifications in the scopes, and introduction of the star status to indicate an unannounced audit. It is now aligned with the IFS Food Standard version 8, which is relevant for combined audits.

The most significant changes are:

  • Fewer requirements, an optimized protocol, and a structure that consequently follows the audit path.
  • A new scope for animal feed is added and IFS introduced two more logistics processing services: simple sorting of fruits and vegetables and labelling.
  • The IFS Logistics scope is extended and clarified, especially for short-term storage/transport of containers, organizing logistics activities and exclusion rules.
  • Partly outsourced logistics processing services are included in the standard.
  • The B-score is again classified as a deviation, so businesses can define a correction and corrective action to improve their performance continuously.
  • The new IFS Star status indicates that the audit was unannounced. Supply chain partners can immediately see that the certified company stands out.
  • Alignment with the Codex Alimentarius and ISO/IEC 17065, GFSI Benchmarking Requirements and considers ISO22003-2.

More information you can find here:

IFS_Logistics_v3_launch_newsletter_for_industry_EN_1701859182.pdf (

At Certima, we will be taking swift action to update our processes and incorporate the changes, and we will be providing certification for the standard as soon as it comes into effect.

We will launch soon numerous communications and events to inform you accordingly about the changes that the IFS Logistics certified companies should effectuate in their FSMS prior to their IFS Logistics ver. 3 audits.