Join our team

Are you looking for a career as independent Food Auditor?


Have you spent a good amount of time and efforts designing and implementing food product quality and safety practices, processes and systems?

Do you believe that the systematic approach to product quality and safety brings more transparency and trust in the food supply chain?

Would you like to be part of a dedicated and optimistic team that contributes to these principles?

If so, come join our auditor team by following an auditor qualification program customized to your background and training needs.  We will start Spring 2021!

Completing our qualification program will give you also the opportunity:

  • To acquire the needed knowledge and skills for an auditor.
  • For personal growth and development in the area of food product and systems safety and quality;
  • To perform better at your current job in the area of food safety and quality;
  • To gain much broader insight about the developments in this area in the supply chain, both at local and international level.
  • To become a more independent professional and find the balance between your workload and income that suits you best.

Please confirm you interest by sending your CV to with a subject: I want to be an auditor