Complaint Form of Certima B.V.

Complaint handling

Our mission is to foster transparency and trust in the food supply chain through auditing and certification. To fulfill our mission and as a means of protection of clients and other users of our audits and certification activities against errors, omissions or unreasonable behaviour, we are responsive to feedback and complaints.

A formal complaint will be processed as follows:

  • In the event of a written complaint lodged with Certima, an investigation will be carried out by or on behalf of the Quality Manager into the merits of this complaint. In the event of a verbal complaint, the complainant shall be asked to lodge this complaint with Certima in writing.
  • The Quality manager will confirm to the complainant the receipt, and the handling of the complaint. The certified company (if applicable) concerned will be informed as well.
  • The general term for resolving a complaint will be 4 weeks unless a scheme owner or other stakeholder requires a shorter term.
  • The results of the investigation shall be announced by the Quality manager to the complainant and, if relevant, to the certificate holder. In the event of a complaint that is held to be well founded in whole or in part, corrective actions and/or sanctions apply.
  • Formal notice of the end of the complaint handling process will be given to the complainant by the Quality manager, while the extent on publicity of the subject of the complaint and its resolution shall be determined by the Managing director of Certima in consultation with the client and the complainant.
  • The complaint form, the handling-, progress- and verification reports shall be filed while the file address shall be registered in the Certima’s Complaints register.
  • The costs of the investigation are at the expense of the party who caused the complaint.
  • If the complaint is held to be not well founded, the costs of the investigation are at the complainant’s expense, unless the managing director of Certima decides otherwise.

Complaint Form of Certima B.V.

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