General Certification Conditions 14 Feb 2020.pdf

IFS Certification agreement terms EN 16.09.2019.pdf

IFS Food Audit and Certification Process 05.04.2019.pdf

BRC Certification agreement terms EN 16.09.2019.pdf

Global GAP Certification agreement terms EN 02.04.2019​.pdf

General Policy of Certima B.V. 7 November 2018.pdf

RvA Declaration Annex EN 22 May 2019.pdf

RvA Declaration Annex NL 22 May 2019.pdf

Rules of appeal 5 September 2018.pdf

Regulation for the use of the Certima Hallmark 18 May 2018.pdf

Recall, withdrawal procedure 27 October 2019.pdf

Recall, withdrawal notification form 27 October 2019.docx

Public access to certification information.pdf