The new version 3.2. of the IFS Broker standard was released on 29.02.2024. IFS Broker version 3.2. audits become mandatory from 1.07.2024.

The most significant modification concerns the scoring system. Following the other IFS Standards, the B-score is now a deviation again, requiring a correction or corrective action by the audited company.
These updates contribute to greater transparency as customers and other stakeholders of the audited company can easily recognise how the audit was carried out. Furthermore, the report shows which deviation led to the B-score and the action plan specifies what needs to be done to correct the deviation. This creates greater clarity for everyone involved.

As many IFS audits are combined audits with other IFS Standards, it was essential for IFS to align version 3.2 with the other updated IFS Standards, especially IFS Food 8 and IFS Logistics 3. The revisions significantly facilitate the performance of combined IFS Audits.

In IFS Broker 3.2, IFS also introduce the star status, signaling that the audit was unannounced.
Although the changes in the requirements are just a few, the auditing approach and grading of deviations challenges the audited companies to adopt a much deeper understanding and implementation of these requirements into their food safety management system.