Become an Independent Food Safety Auditor

5 Reasons for becoming an Independent Food Safety Auditor

  • To be able to perform a highly respected and responsible job contributing to the integrity of the food supply chain;
  • To expand your expertise in the area of food product and systems safety and quality;
  • To gain much broader insight about the developments in this area in the supply chain, both at local and international level.
  • To perform even better at your current job in the area of food safety and quality;
  • To find the balance between your workload and income that suits you best.

5 Reasons for joining the auditor qualification program of Certima™

  • Benefit from the most efficient and proven food auditor qualification program available. 90% of our candidates make it to a successful auditor career.
  • Get access to the ultimate resources you need to acquire the needed knowledge and skills to become a food auditor;
  • Get professional guidance and coaching to qualify and perform as an auditor long term;
  • Optimize the efforts and time you dedicate to the process and match them with your current career stage;
  • Become part of a passionate and dedicated international team of professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in food auditing and certification.

Do you qualify

Our offer is only for pre-selected top candidates who qualify with the following selection criteria:

  • Food-related professional secondary or higher education;
  • Professional experience in the food industry or retail in the following roles: quality assurance, food safety, R & D, food safety auditing and / or food safety inspection or enforcement.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the international food safety standards. Food safety management systems auditing and/or consultancy experience would be an advantage.

What do you get

Certima™ auditor qualification program is the best value auditor qualification program available. It contains a customized package of focused trainings and exam preparatory activities that have proven their efficiency in our auditor qualification experience in the past 15 years.

The qualification track is individual and depends on your existing experience and passed trainings. The overall package includes:

  • Several practical high-quality trainings required by standard owners for initial qualification (2-day HACCP course, 5-day FSMS Lead Auditor Course, 2-3 days standard specific course);
  • Unique self-paced process for preparation for the standard exams which meets your individual needs. Over the years we have achieved a high pass rate on the scheme exams;
  • Access to the official scheme specific initial and scope related exams;
  • Trainee audits for approval of general auditing experience;
  • Initial witness audits;
  • Firsthand information about the newest standard owners’ requirements, newsletters and updates.

When can you get qualified

Currently we offer 2 qualification tracks:

  • A Fast Track qualification process for candidates who meet the basic qualification criteria AND have passed the majority of preliminary steps towards their qualification. When dedicated the candidate can reach qualification within 6 months. The Fast Track requires 3 to 5 days per month to reach qualification.
  • A Self-Paced qualification process for candidates who meet the basic qualification criteria and have NOT passed the majority of qualification steps YET. The Self-Paced process takes 1 – 1.5 years till full qualification. The Self-Paced track usually takes 2-3 days per month to get qualified.