Certification audits

We perform IFS Food, IFS Logistics, IFS Broker, IFS Wholesale/Cash & Carry and BRC Food (+ all add-ons) in all product and technology scopes. Those audits are trusted as highly professional and truthful contribution to food safety locally and internationally.

How our certification process looks like?

In order to contract our company for an IFS or BRC audit, you need to apply for certification by completing our application form. You should very carefully fill the information about products and technologies used in your production because wrong or lacking information may cause delays in the certification process or lead to exclusion of some of your products.

After we receive your data, we will proceed with defining the scope and duration of your audit and certification and will make a financial offer for you assigning a qualified auditor or team of auditors. We normally do this in 2 days.

We are flexible in planning of audits because we have available auditor capacity and we do our best to perform the audits in your certification timeframe.

Once we have a valid certification agreement signed, we can proceed with scheduling of your audit. Your company can only be audited at the time when you are actually producing the products specified in the scope of the audit.

At the end of your audit, a document called End of Audit Letter containing the nonconformities is prepared by the auditor and signed by you and the auditor.

Within 14 days of the receipt of the list of nonconformities, you must complete and return to the auditor the corrective action plan.

The maximum time allocated for the approval of the CAP by the auditor is 28 days after the end of the audit. After that the audit file is sent for report review and certification decision which is taken in 3 days. In case of a positive decision we issue a certificate and we upload the audit documents on the IFS/BRC portal.

We score high on the process KPIs of schemes for file duration and have an internal quality indicator for the duration of the certification process of 35 days in comparison with 56 days required by IFS and 42 days required by BRC.

We also provide an option for a fast track of your certification process in which audit duration could be even less than 35 days.

 This is only possible if we get your full support to finalize the corrective action plan within the allocated timeframe.