The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) is a global, multi-stakeholder initiative on certified sustainable oil palm products. The principal objective of RSPO is “to promote the growth and use of sustainable palm oil through cooperation within the supply chain and open dialogue between its stakeholders”. The RSPO Standard, approved in April 2013, is presented as a series of Principles, Criteria, Indicators and Guidance, and is designed to be used by palm oil producers to implement sustainable production practices.

RSPO Supply Chain Certification System is a standard to certify conformity of supply chains using RSPO certified sustainable palm oil or products derived thereof. The objective is to involve the entire supply chain, by reaching out to the consumer.

This scheme applies for all chain actors. From first processing of the oil till the producers of the final consumer products.

Key benefits of RSPO certification:

  • Addresses client needs
  • Complies with expectations of major distributors and retailers to prove sustainability of products
  • Demonstrates the quality of your commitment to follow environmental practices and sustainable business
  • Uses your sustainable palm oil certificate for multiple industries

Certima B.V. is providing RSPO auditing and certification services under the accreditation of a partner organization.