BRC Gluten free

Presently, there is no cure for persons suffering from celiac/coeliac disease or non-celiac/coeliac gluten sensitivity or intolerance, nor is there any on the horizon. The only mitigation or treatment is a strict gluten-free diet, since more recent science indicates that mere avoidance of gluten for these persons is not enough. Only a STRICT gluten-free diet is acceptable.

First published in 2009, the Gluten-Free Certification Program (GFCP) Global Standard is now in its third issue and is well-established globally. It provides a framework for the management and control of gluten in gluten-free products, in the manufacture, processing and packing of:

  • processed foods, both own brand and customer branded
  • ingredients for use by food service companies, catering companies and/or food manufacturers
  • pet foods
  • cosmetics
  • natural health products
  • drugs

When correctly applied, a site’s Gluten-Free Management System will provide a very strong level of protection from failure, resulting in industry being better equipped to expand global markets and increase the availability of gluten-free products, which achieve regulatory requirements.

Consumers would then benefit by increased confidence, clear recognition at point of purchase, availability and variety of choice.