IFS launches remote audit option for IFS Broker Version 3

IFS launches remote audit option for IFS Broker Version 3

IFS has announced its approach to remote auditing. Currently broker companies that are already IFS Broker certified can take advantage of the option for performing of their next certification audit remotely.

We believe that remote audits add value to all participants in the auditing and certification process whenever it is feasible and can be performed in an adequate manner. It brings in more efficiency for certified companies, decreases the risk of spreading COVID-19, and additionally improves auditors’ work-life balance.

If you would like to take advantage of our special conditions for your next remote IFS Broker audit, please contact us here .

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Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has made remote auditing more feasible.

To provide full guidance on the approach to remote auditing, IFS Management have designed an additional audit protocol on how to conduct an IFS Broker remote audit to ensure a robust audit process by applying remote ICT for the evaluation of IFS Broker Version 3 requirements.

The remote option is voluntary and needs to be agreed well in advance between the certification body and the company subject to IFS Broker certification (e.g. if a scheduled IFS on-site audit cannot take place due to Corona virus (SARS-CoV-2) travel / access restrictions or if the nature of a broker is decentralised and runs without a centralised office (co-working spaces, “shared office”structures), or when “face-to-face” methods are not essential for the effectiveness of conducting the audit).

Prior to audit preparation and as a pre-requisite, the certification body shall conduct a risk assessment to determine whether it is feasible to apply the remote audit option.

The following factors shall be considered, but are not limited to:

  • adequate cooperation from the auditee (e.g. access to an IT system, availability and capability of the auditee to use technology such as remote ICT);
  • resources including access to sufficient, adequate and appropriate information and communication technology, including IT support for the ICT platform, if necessary;
  • the limitation of the site’s willingness to share the information remotely.

IFS launches remote audit option for IFS Broker Version 3

Source: IFS Management GbmH

Certima’s first event dedicated to the changes in IFS Food ver.7, this autumn, The Netherlands

Certima’s first event dedicated to the changes in IFS Food ver.7, this autumn, The Netherlands

A number of important changes are coming with new version 7 of IFS Food.

Few of them are:

  • Additional requirements added for Food safety culture;
  • Outsourced processes, unannounced audits, multi-legal entitites;
  • Changes structure of the standard
  • More time of audit time dedicated to production/onsite evaluation
  • Change in the scoring system
  • More specific requirements to corrections and corrective actions and their closing

More information about the changes in IFS Food ver.7 you would learn if you join our dedicated events. The first one will be this autumn in the Netherlands. Stay tuned to hear about our events in your region.

To register, please send an email at: m.genkova@certima.org


FSPCA Preventive Controls Qualified Individual Courses

FSPCA Preventive Controls Qualified Individual Courses

If you are exporting food to the U.S. and want to assure that your exports continue uninterruptedly you need to implement FSMA requirements into your Food Safety Management System.

Why it’s important to attend a PCQI course?

The FSMA regulation requires that certain activities must be implemented by a “Preventive Controls Qualified Individual” (PCQI) who has “successfully completed training in the development and application of risk-based preventive controls”.

The paved way to gain knowledge, understanding and skills for implementing FSMA requirements is to attend a PCQI course. The participants receive a certification of completion as Preventive Controls Qualified Individuals (PCQI). Our courses are delivered by FSPCA qualified trainers in several languages and locations throughout Europe.

REGISTER NOW for our upcoming PCQI training coures:

  • ONLINE In German language with our trainer Angelie Jansen – 25-28 May 2020

To register, please send an email at m.genkova@certima.org